The Daifuku Group believes that the basic principles of CSR are to build a symbiotic relationship with its stakeholders and to practice the Group's Corporate Policies Structure through its corporate activities.

Determining Materiality

In June 2014, Daifuku established and implemented six initiatives which make up the core of Daifuku’s CSR initiatives. Within these given topics, issues that need to be addressed as top priorities were determined (Materiality*1), and the CSR Action Plan was established accordingly which comprises KPIs*2 for the achievement of the respective targets. Materiality will be revised according to the following process, based on changes in the business environment and social trends at the time of formulation of the Group's medium-term management plan.

  • *1  Issues that need to be addressed as top priorities, as they have a significant influence on the environment, society and governance or the evaluation and decision making of stakeholders.
  • *2  Key Performance Indicator, a quantitative performance evaluation index that measures target achievement.

Determination process

Input information

After taking international guidelines and the opinions of stakeholders into consideration, we took time to gain an understanding of and organize issues, after which we confirmed their consistency with our company’s policies, including our company’s creed and management philosophy.

Evaluation result

From among the 69 issues, we were able to identify 15 material aspects, which have been organized below in order of priority using the following evaluation methods.

Reason for determining

Reason for determining materiality
Initiatives Materiality Reason for importance
Provide high quality products and services Maintain and improve product and service quality to satisfy customer needs around the world In order to merit the trust of customers all over the world and provide optimum solutions for them, we believe in the importance of continued maintenance and improvement activities for products and services at all sites where we do business.
Strengthen technology development platform Sustainable corporate management is indispensable for our efforts in expanding existing areas and developing new business sectors as a material handling machinery manufacturer. We therefore promote the development of advanced technologies and active use of open innovation.
Strengthen risk management Ensure compliance and prevent corruption Laws and regulations are being established and revised on a daily basis, according the social background and regional characteristics. Even if there is no conflict with laws and regulations, a deviation from corporate ethics and an inability to meet the expectations of society could result in a significant loss of trust, as well as decreased corporate value. Activities to counter any corruption tendencies that may threaten the soundness of business operations must be implemented for all employees without fail.
Promote and strengthen information security measures The threat to information security is becoming increasingly sophisticated and malicious, meaning it is important for us to establish and properly utilize a system that enables sufficient protection and management of information about our company and various stakeholders.
Continue expanding business continuity management We must assume and anticipate various risks that may threaten business continuity, such as natural disasters, compliance, information security, safety, product quality, etc. It is important to build a resilient corporate structure that is capable of minimizing the impact of such emergencies.
Nurture a relationships of trust with our suppliers Promote CSR procurement in the supply chain In developing our business, it is essential to implement initiatives together with business partners who provide goods and services. In doing so, we go beyond legal compliance and respond to social demands in areas such as labor, human rights, the environment etc. This kind of long-term relationship with stakeholders leads to true trust building.
Respect human dignity (human rights, labor practices, safety, health) Eliminate workplace accidents and serious accidents Based on the concept that safety is the ultimate priority, Daifuku strongly believes that sound business operations are only possible by establishing a corporate culture that gives top priority to workers' safety and health at all workplaces.
Promote diversity The Daifuku management philosophy demands that we “focus on healthy, growth-driven global management under a diverse and positive corporate culture.” Any kind of discrimination, not only in terms of gender or race but also creed, religion, nationality, educational background, disability, or values is to be strictly avoided.
Create a comfortable workplace environment To foster the open and transparent corporate culture that is part of our management philosophy and to contribute to the advancement of customers and society, each employee must be able to experience job satisfaction and feel that their work is rewarding.
Promote human resource development The capabilities required of each employee differ considerably by job category, position, country or region, etc. In order to enable departments and individuals to fully develop their performance potential, the company must support and enhance these capabilities through a suitable framework for human resources training, based on a clear understanding of what is required.
Create good relations with communities Encourage communication with shareholders and investors Increasing corporate value and establishing a solid relationship with shareholders and investors will lead to the creation of a stable financial base.
Encourage communication with local communities and society at large, and social contribution activities As our company’s presence in society continues to grow, we feel it is important to deepen society’s understanding of our company through dialog with private shareholders and investors who serve as an important connection with everyday consumers.
Contribute to the environment through corporate activities Promote environmentally friendly activities in business operations Our various business activities have a considerable impact on issues of global concern, such as climate change and biodiversity conservation. There are also legal risks directly linked to business opportunities related to energy, resources, hazardous chemical substances, etc, which require appropriate countermeasures.
Expand environmentally friendly products and services Products and services that we offer to society through our customers are affecting the global environment through the use of electricity and resources. As we move into the future, responding to the demand for environmentally sound products and services across national and organizational barriers is a very important task for business continuity.
Strengthen environmental management platform In order to effectively carry out environmental management, we believe that it is important to provide firm guidance by management and to ensure that the entire organization including each individual employee is fully involved (environmental management base).

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