• Environmental Management

    Environmental Management

    We have formulated Daifuku Environmental Vision 2020 to enable us to contribute to the preservation of the global environment through our business operations.

  • Environmentally Friendly Products

    Environmentally friendly Products and services

    Daifuku develops and provides eco-friendly products and services to society.

  • Energy Conservation

    Energy Conservation

    Daifuku strives to reduce CO2 emissions from its business activities in an effort to prevent global warming.

  • Resource Saving

    Resource Saving

    We are promoting the effective use of precious resources through various corporate activities.

  • Pollutant Reduction and Green Procurement

    Pollutant Reduction

    We are committed to the effective use and careful disposal of environmentally sensitive materials in our production processes.

  • Biodiversity Preservation

    Biodiversity Preservation

    In accordance with our Daifuku Environmental Vision 2020 plan, we are conducting activities to preserve biodiversity and improve the environment.

  • Environmental Management Systems

    Eco-Management Structure

    Daifuku conducts volunteer activities and environmental learning activities under the Eco-Action system that aims to enhance ecology awareness.